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Calculator Disclaimer

The information shown is provided for information purposes only.  The results given by this monthly mortgage calculator are only a guide.

Based on the information provided, you may be able to afford a total mortgage of up to approximately:
Determining Your Housing Requirements

Our in house customer liaisons can assist in many ways to determine what you need from our houses. Moreover, CMHC provides helpful information and practical worksheets to assist you in determining your precise requirements in a home and for choosing your desired location.

Understanding Your Local Housing Market

Everything that happens in the housing market can have an impact on your home purchase. We help you track trends in mortgage rates, local housing prices and other key indicators to assist you in determining the best time to buy.

Calculate Your Costs

Can you afford the type of home you have chosen?

Arranging Your Mortgage

How do you get the best mortgage for you and at the best rates? Learn more about the range of mortgage options before you make your final decision.

CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance

Don't let a down payment come between you and your home. Find out how you could qualify to buy your home with as little as 5% down with help from CMHC.

Approval of Mortgage

After one has answered these questions one is ready to be approved for a mortgage.